In comparison with stereotypes of being poorly developed, Cambodia in fact is in the course of taking off. The continuous growth of 7% in the GDP, together with recent economic developments of the country, infrastructure projects and its important role in the Belt and Road Initiative, Cambodia has changed from a underrated place to a stronghold of Southeast Asia development. Phnom Penh nowadays is a whole new story.

Take Phnom Penh as an example, a 400 square feet flat costs around HKD$900,000 to 1,500,000 with plenty of room to increase. In addition, 280 of the world's top 500 companies has already stationed in Phnom Penh, the increase of foreign workers has resulted in a uprise of housing demands, making rents and rates received a profitable return. Phnom Penh's "16.7% increase in house price" and "29.4% return on investment" has ranked top in the 2018 "Global Price Index" and "Return on Foreign Investments Index". Investing in Phnom Penh is currently a golden opportunity.

Cambodia adopts a free economy policy with no regulations on foreign currencies and has an open approach on investments from overseas. Its friendly tax regime and policies have created a perfect environment for foreigners to invest and develop in this country. As for housing, any person aged 18 with a passport can enter into transactions for semi-detached apartments on 2nd floors or above. The community facilities surround Phnom Penh creates a perfect atmosphere for living, working and entertainment.

Urban Village (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Urban Village
Hong Kong developers teaming up with outstanding architectural teams, creating a perfect environment of a combination of living, creativity and work. Urban Village has been awarded with 5 international prizes in 2019.

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